Terrain (formerly Beasley & Burgess Surveyors Ltd) is a survey, planning and engineering consultancy practice. The company has also recently expanded its aerial surveying capabilities to provide leading edge technology in this exciting new field.

The company was formed in 1997 as Sam Beasley Surveyors and renamed Beasley & Burgess Surveyors Limited in 2003 when Max Burgess joined the firm. More recently the company rebranded to Terrain, signalling Max’s departure from the firm and an exciting new growth phase into aerial surveying for the company. The company is now led by Sam Beasley, with Phil Atkinson managing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) services.

The philosophy of providing professional land development and planning services to a high standard has not altered, with the practice now providing a wide variety of land development, engineering and measurement related services to clients throughout the Northland area.

We pride ourselves on delivering professional and efficient services in both the private and the public sector, ensuring consistently high standards that always meet or exceed their expectations.

Terrain has quality assurance procedures for the wide variety of surveys we undertake. These ensure your project always progresses smoothly to achieve the agreed outcomes for our clients.

Leading edge technology including GPS, UAV’s and Robotic Total stations are used to complete our projects cost effectively and within the required tolerances.