Land development begins with subdivision and resource consent planning, before reaching the design, engineering and survey phase of resolving access ways, services and other requirements such as stormwater. If you’re looking to develop land, Terrain can guide you through the land development process from start to finish, whether you’re developing two lots or 100 lots.

Land development can be a complex and exhausting process, so by involving us in your development early, we can help you understand the feasibility of your proposed activity, defining it as permitted, controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary, non-compliant or prohibited. We will visit your site to analyse what can be done on the site, also work closely with engineers to ensure all designs and plans are cost effective and compliant with both council regulations and design requirements.

  • We have extensive experience in this field, and can assist you with everything required to complete your development, including:
  • Initial site visit and analysis, to help determine feasible activity, based on contours, services, aspect, existing easements, building sites, hazards, stability and effluent disposal.
  • Estimate development costs, taking into account design, engineering, compliance, surveying and planning expenses
  • Resource consents applications to relevant district and regional councils
  • Environmental impact reports (by subcontractor/consultant) to outline required measurement of the environmental impact of your proposed activities
  • Site surveys, using both land and aerial survey technology to provide a comprehensive overview of your property’s features and boundaries
  • Preparation of concept plans to optimise land usage and design based on site constraints, services, hazards, property features and council requirements.
  • Engineering design for roads and utility services (sewer, stormwater, water, power and telephone)
  • Project management of construction of roads and services
  • Setout of roads and services
  • Land Transfer Survey to define new titles
  • Obtaining 223 and 224 council approvals, to allow your solicitor to create new titles