Every subdivision is unique, and comes with its own challenges. Terrain has extensive experience in managing this process, defining your boundaries and easements, and helping to complete your subdivision from start to finish.

By engaging us early in this process, we can help you work with through everything from the concept design through to the creation of new titles, including working with your local council regarding resource consent requirements and approval. We can also identify any restrictions, conditions and/or limitations based on the appropriate district plan.

We will guide you through the entire subdivision process, including managing and delivering all the services to ensure successful completion of your subdivision. We will manage:

  • Analysis of the site, to determine its zoning classification, to determine any restrictions relating to activity on the land, from permitted through to prohibited activity. This helps determine the feasibility of the project and allows us to make recommendations and provide options
  • The initial site research, visit and analysis, from which we will develop an understanding of the legal status the land, and the concept design and resource consent application for council approval
  • Preparation of additional reports, including engineering (relating to matters such as suitability of site and effluent planning), stormwater, access, services, stability and soil contaminants
  • Submission of your resource consent application, including the design of all roading and services required for your subdivision (sewage, stormwater, location of fire fighting tanks water, power, phone etc.)
  • Completion of your Land Transfer Survey (survey to peg boundaries and location of easements)
  • Project Management for installation of all roading, services and landscaping
  • Obtaining council approvals and 224 Approval in order for your solicitor to create the new titles for your subdivision