A setout survey is required to mark out new construction and roading projects, including anything from a new home or highway to setting out a generator in a hydro power station.

Terrain has been involved in numerous civil construction projects, with buildings, roading and infrastructure setout utilising design plans to coordinate the 3D design setout points.

GNSS (GPS) or Robotic Total Stations are used to setout the location of 3D design points on the ground to allow accurate construction to proceed, for anything from centre lines and pavements for new roading to corners and foundations of new builds. Accurate ground positions are important to ensure your regulations are met, for example, that a building does not exceed height in relation to boundary daylight angles, yard setbacks etc during construction.

On a construction site or the fabrication of a structure, like Eden Park, accurate positioning of each part of the structure is critical to enable the structure to “fit” together within the required tolerances.

Setout surveys provide a number of key benefits, including accuracy of service laying to ensure services to properties meet development regulations.

Our level edge technology ensures the accurate setout is cost effective and minimises costly delays during construction.